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Experience Swedish Auto’s incomparable full service independent Volvo repair. We not only maintain and repair your Volvo, but can extend advice to all areas of your car’s care, should you need it. We offer discounted rental cars through Enterprise Car Rental. Most Volvo repairs come with our 2 year warranty. Some components carry a lifetime warranty. For a pleasant surprise, compare our warranty to those offered by other facilities.

Volvo Independent Service & Repair in the Addison, Texas and North Dallas, TX region

Servicing your Volvo has never been easier. Swedish Auto is located in Farmers Branch, Texas, convenient to Carrollton, Richardson, Lewisville, and the Addison, Texas and North Dallas, TX region. We have been in the same neighborhood for over 25 years. You can speak directly to the technician working on your car. Speaking directly with the technician eliminates communication breakdowns, allowing us to bring you the best quality service at a reasonable price.

Swedish Auto offers you many services including used car pre-buy inspections, new car warranty inspections, and second opinions.

Give us a call today at 972-241-1911 for a prompt and accurate estimate on your Volvo service needs.

Fix My Volvo in the Addison, Texas and North Dallas, TX region

Get your Volvo fixed in the Addison, Texas and North Dallas, TX region by our team of independent auto service and repair technicians.

Give us a call today at 972-241-1911 for a prompt and accurate estimate on your Volvo service needs.

Swedish Auto
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Indicate to us when you drop off your car or when you make the appointment, that you are a brand new customer and you are wanting to use the $50 USD new customer offer. Tell us that you saw the offer on the web.

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We will notify you of service completion and you will come collect your vehicle.

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Common Import Auto Repair Services & Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled Auto Maintenance

The best way to preserve the value of your vehicle is by performing preventative maintenance. We perform all scheduled maintenance service intervals recommended in your vehicle owner's manual (7.5K, 15K, 30K, 60K, 75K, 90K, 105K intervals). Each service is carefully performed to meet the manufacturer's suggested maintenance and safety requirements checklist.

Timing Components

Timing Belts, Tensioners, Idlers, and Camshaft Seals. Timing belt failure can result in major engine damage in today's cars. The timing belt turns important engine components such as the water pump and the oil pump. Timing belts are subject to dry rotting and breakdown. You may be past due for a timing belt replacement if your car is more than 5 years old.

Air Conditioning

Compressors, Clutches, Condensers, Evaporators, and Hoses. You cannot live without air conditioning in Texas. We keep your vehicle’s air conditioning working efficiently and properly.

Cooling System

Radiators, Water Pumps, Heater Cores, Hoses, and Fans. Overheating is caused when your car’s cooling system is not working properly and this can cause serious and costly damage to your vehicle. We make sure your car’s cooling system is operating at a safe temperature.

Fluid Changes

Oil, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, and Power Steering. Regular fluid changes prevents expensive component failures. We make sure your vehicle always has the fluids it needs to operate efficiently and safely.

Towing Service Partner

We do not directly provide towing services. We however do encourage you to use Graham's Wrecker Service in Carrollton, TX. They are familiar with our processes, and where to leave the car, etc. Call Graham's at 972-242-0563.

Brake Repair

Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers, Master Cylinders, and Brake Hoses. Worn brake parts can result in expensive brake repairs and it is unsafe. Catch potential brake problems before they happen with our brake repair and preventative maintenance services.

Suspension Repairs

Shocks, Struts, Bushings, Sway Bar Links, and Springs. Worn suspension parts can result in premature tire failure and it is unsafe. Keep your car’s suspension working properly with our suspension maintenance and repair services.


Rack and Pinion, Tie Rods, Ball Joints, and Power Steering Pumps. Worn steering parts can result in the loss of steering control. The last thing you need while driving is to lose the ability to steer your vehicle. We make sure your car’s steering system is working properly.

Electrical System

Batteries, Alternators, Starters, and Electrical Diagnostics. Faulty electrical parts can result in fire or damage to expensive computer boxes. We keep your car’s sensitive computer and electrical systems working in peak condition.

Pre Buy Inspections

Know before you buy and don't get stuck with a lemon. Our auto experts can look at a car for you and give you an accurate appraisal of its value and any potential problems before you buy.

Loaner Car Service

Free loaner cars during major services or repairs. Call for details.

Swedish Auto - Volvo Independent Auto Service

Our Strengths


Our mission is to be the leader in foreign & import car service in the Addison, Texas and North Dallas, TX region.


Only the finest parts are used when repairing your imported vehicle. Your auto service will be performed in a timely manner and at a fair price. All repairs come with a 2-year warranty with some parts carrying a lifetime warranty. We also provide you with discounted car rentals through Enterprise rental car company and with towing service should you need it.


We care for your car as if it was our own. We go out of our way to maintain a strong and friendly relationship with our customers. We have a comfortable lounge area with internet access if you decide to wait while your car is being serviced.


We will never try to sell you a part or service that you do not need. We have a viewing area so you can watch the work being performed on your vehicle.


We offer exceptional warranties on our work. Up to 2 years for some of our work and even lifetime warranties on certain repairs. Ask for more details on specific work.


We have been providing expert import auto repair in the Addison, Texas and North Dallas, TX region area since 1980. All of our technicians are certified Master Automotive Technicians by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and we strive to stay on the cutting edge of import auto repair techniques and technology.


Our Farmers Branch, Texas location makes it easy to serve customers in Carrollton, Richardson, Lewisville and the surrounding Addison, Texas and North Dallas, TX region.


All of our specialists indiviudally have over 20 years of experience on their chosen brand, and strive to find solutions, not workarounds.

Volvo Independent Auto Service / Repair

Over 20 years experience working on Volvos.

Honda Acura Independent Auto Service / Repair

Over 20 years experience working on Hondas and Acuras.

Toyota Lexus Independent Auto Service / Repair

Over 20 years experience working on Lexus and Toyotas.

Subaru Hyundai Nissan Kia Auto Service / Repair

Offering Additional Manufacturers for our loyal clients.